Mayor announces Carteret ­street improvements for 2011

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Daniel J. Reiman has announced that over $1.2 million in local street improvements have been funded for the coming year as part of the Borough’s ongoing Road Improvement Program.


The Borough was previously awarded $309,750 by the NJDOT to continue improvements to Romanowski Avenue begun last year. This year’s improvement project will target the portion from Lowell Street to its terminus at Locust Street. Improvements will include paving and ADA accessible curb cut upgrades at all intersections, and minor drainage improvements. High Street will also be included in the project, from Romanowski Street to Washington Avenue.


Mayor Reiman also announced that the Borough has entered into a contract with Middlesex County for the resurfacing of 6 roads, targeting portions of Buchanan Street, Harrison Avenue, Hickory Street, Kurdyla Avenue, Oakwood Avenue, and Swarthmore Drive. The proposed $750,000 of improvements will cover 1.5 miles of local roadways, and include resurfacing, ADA, and drainage upgrades. Construction for this project is expected to begin by early Fall, and be completed by the year’s end.


These areas are among many local roads to receive upgrades in the last few years. This year residents will also see the completion of $2.8 million in street improvements to Tennyson Street and Lower Roosevelt Avenue. The Tennyson Estates project area consists of Whitman Street, Patrick Street, Sunset Court, Tennyson Street, Charlotte Street, Holmes Street, Lexington Avenue, and Longview Terrace, for a total of $1,700,000.00 in repairs, funded through the Borough’s Capital Improvement Fund. Improvements include concrete curb and gutter installation throughout the project area along with pavement reconstruction along the curb line and an asphalt overlay.  Also included are new driveway aprons with new handicapped ramps and sidewalk where necessary. Improved drainage has been made possible through stormwater and sanitary sewer system upgrades.


Chrome’s project area includes Larch Street, Essex Street, Union Street, Bergen Street, Terminal Avenue, Pershing Avenue, Salem Avenue, McKinley Avenue, and Arthur Avenue, for a total of $900,000.00 provided through the Carteret Redevelopment Agency (CARA). Improvements include the milling and asphalt overlay of the roads indicated including storm sewer upgrades, concrete sidewalk, granite block curb and concrete curb improvements.


The 2011 Capital Improvement Program also allows for $150,000 in improvements to sanitary sewer lines associated with the Romanowski Street projects. Portions of the Borough’s sanitary sewer system adjacent to Romanowski will be cleaned, repaired, and upgraded where needed.


Mayor Reiman said, “We’ve been looking to the future with many of our capital improvement projects, identifying areas in need and providing comprehensive repairs and enhancements that will last us many years.”


“Protecting public safety is the highest priority and preserving the Borough’s investment in its road system is highly cost-effective. These are the types of projects that help boost the local economy by creating jobs while investing in our infrastructure,” said Councilman Jorge E. Diaz, Finance Chair.

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