A Message from the Office of Mayor Daniel J. Reiman

                         Carteret Mayor Daniel J. Reiman

Carteret Mayor Dan Reiman announced today that he has become one of the more than 144,000 Americans and 13,000 New Jersey residents to date who have tested positive for COVID-19, more commonly referred to as Coronavirus.

Reiman, 43, indicated that he has self-quarantined since early last week on the advice of his physician after being informed that he was in contact with individuals who had tested positive. The Mayor later began to develop several minor symptoms of COVID-19 including a 24-hour fever, muscle pain and a cough. Initially diagnosed as a seasonal upper respiratory infection, days later medical professionals advised him to undergo testing and to continue to self-quarantine pending the results.

“Upon learning about my potential exposure, I immediately removed myself from interactions with others including the public, borough staff, family and friends and followed all guidelines set forth by the CDC. When I went for my test, the medical staff I dealt with at Doctors Medi Center, 835 Roosevelt Avenue in Carteret, were extremely professional and provided comfort and guidance that I have been following and will continue to follow in the coming days.”

Reiman was tested last week and received the results this morning, nearly 7 days later.

“Seven days is a long time to wait for results but it shows the importance of self-quarantining and following the advice of the CDC and Governor Murphy’s executive orders to help stop the spread of the virus,” Reiman stated.

“Although I have been informed by doctors that I can return to work, I have decided, out of an abundance of caution, to remain at home for the remainder of the week and to continue to avoid any interaction with others.”

No members of the Borough staff who deal directly with the Mayor have been in his presence since he self-quarantined, nor have any of those individuals developed symptoms of the virus.

Reiman has continued to conduct Borough business through phone conference, call-in and email communication with department heads, staff and the public.

“I share this personal information today, immediately upon having learned the results, to HELP educate the public, to encourage adherence to the CDC guidelines and to Governor Murphy’s executive orders which were enacted to keep us all safe, and to support those who have been diagnosed. There should be no stigma associated with COVID-19 and people should not feel shame or embarrassment by the fact they have contracted it. Instead, impacted individuals need to share that information with family, friends and others to stop the spread. My case appears very mild and today, a week later, I have just a mild cough but many other residents and Americans are dealing with much more serious effects of the virus.”

Reiman added, “Although the challenges presented by the coronavirus have become personal to myself and many others, I am confident that our strength as a borough, state, and national community will ultimately define our victory over this global pandemic.  I continue to keep all of the Carteret community, our first responders and our medical professionals in my thoughts and prayers, and ask that all of Carteret do the same.”

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