All removal fees waived during recent Borough state of emergency

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Reiman joined with Councilman and Parks Commissioner Vinny Bellino today to announce that certain public services, including those involving tree removal following this recent storm event, will be extended to residents during declared states of emergency.


“The traditional function of our Parks and Public Works departments following storms has been to clear downed trees and debris from public right-of-ways,” Vinny Bellino stated. “In the event that we experience weather that calls for a Borough state of emergency, such as that of last weekend, we will extend those services to residents and private property once our public areas have been attended to.”

In most communities, public works departments are strictly responsible for the clearing of public streets and sidewalks following storms. Henceforth, in the event that the Mayor declares a “state of emergency” in Carteret, its public works department will be able to offer those services directly to residents according to a needs assessment and priority system;


  • The handling of any tree downed during storm events that lead to the declaration of a state of emergency will be prioritized as follows:


1)       Downed trees in public right-of-ways; ( Roads, sidewalks)
2)       Downed trees on private property that may pose a safety hazard to the homeowner or others
3)       Downed trees on private property that do not pose an immediate safety hazard


  • Requests for assistance from residents with downed trees must be made within 1 week of the storm / state of emergency.


  • The Borough will not be responsible for trees that have been downed to causes other than those leading to the declaration of a borough state of emergency.


  • The Borough will waive fees associated with the street-side removal of debris, including tree limbs and branches, or any property that was damaged as a result of weather leading to a Borough state of emergency. Debris must still be bundled and left according to the routine standards and practices of the Public Works Department and its contractors ( The Borough will not waive fees for the removal of debris or trash not directly related to weather leading to the declaration of a state of emergency.


“Our primary responsibility is to serve the community,” Mayor Reiman added. “While many are tightening their belts in lieu of today’s economy, the costs or delays involved with getting these services may be impractical for many residents. In many cases, downed trees on private property may pose immediate safety concerns for the resident, or even the greater public. During states of emergency, we will use the town’s resources in the interest of safety and expediency, broadening our definition of public service in the process.”

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