Carteret Expands ‘Green’ Initiative with Solar-Powered Utilities and Electric Car Charging Units

Carteret, NJ – Carteret residents and commuters will soon be afforded more environmentally-friendly ways to utilize mass transit, power their vehicles, and dispose of their trash as Mayor Dan Reiman and Councilman Dennis DiMascio have announced the addition of new solar-powered bus shelters, solar-powered litter receptacles, and an electric car charging station. The charging station will be located on Cooke Avenue near Borough Hall in the center of town, while the shelters and receptacles will be installed throughout various areas of Carteret based upon highest need.

“The Borough has a history of seeking out opportunities to practice environmental responsibility on a local level, and today’s announcement is yet another example of that,” said Reiman. “From smaller initiatives such as distributing tens of thousands of energy efficient light bulbs and reusable grocery bags, to larger efforts such as installing green technology in municipal buildings, Carteret has risen to meet the challenge of creating a sound environmental policy.  We have been proud to go green, and will continue to lead others in this direction.”

The solar-powered bus shelters and litter receptacles will be supplied and maintained by Sun Pacific Power at no cost to the Borough. Shelters will include Wi-Fi, security cameras, and 70-inch display screens for emergency messages, transit notifications, and advertisements. The charging station, manufactured by ChargePoint and containing two charging ports, will provide power to electric cars at a pre-set rate. Install of all utilities are expected to begin in the next several weeks.

Added DiMascio, “These cost-effective additions to our municipal landscape are equally innovative as they are necessary. Improving the commuter and residential experience, while preserving resources and the environment, are the primary responsibility of local government, and we are proud to continue in our endeavors.” 

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