Carteret Expands Summer Recreation Programs

Carteret, NJ – The Borough recently kicked off its range of summer recreation programs with its summer concert series, including live performances in both Carteret and Waterfront Parks. The events marked the beginning of what Mayor Reiman has lauded as “a rich and diverse range of summer recreation programs.”

The performances represent the 3rd year that the town has hosted its 2 outdoor summer concert series, which have grown in popularity, and have attracted both residents and visitors from out of town.

Mayor Reiman has announced that his office, working with the Carteret Recreation Committee and Arts Committee, have expanded summer programs to include a greater variety of sports and recreation events and activities for residents. This has included the revival of summer sports programs such as the youth Softball Camp, and the introduction of the first Basketball Midsummer Classic Tournament, also hosted this weekend.

Reiman has stated that this summer will also demonstrate a focus on the arts; “We have a number of residents, of all ages, that have demonstrated an interest in the arts and culture,” he stated, “and who have a good deal of creative energy. This summer recreation series has been tailored to accommodate a greater range of interests and talents than in years past, and will utilize our many public resources for recreation and learning.”

The new Carteret Arts Committee is currently accepting registrations for its first Coffee House series, an open microphone venue that will allow both local and regional performers to showcase their talents on Saturday nights. Performances will include music, dance, drama, poetry, and fiction, performed live by both amateur and professional artists in a relaxed, impromptu setting.

This weekend also marked the introduction of Carteret’s “Friday Night at the Movies” series, hosted at the town’s community center, and featuring both family nights and teen nights with its range of recently acclaimed films.

Other programs include youth arts and crafts, and the state-sponsored summer lunch program for school aged children.

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