Carteret Fire Department Receives $50K Equipment Grant From B.P. Amoco

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman joined with Councilman and Fire Commissioner Randy Krum to announce that the Borough has received a $50,000 equipment donation grant from B.P. Amoco to purchase a large diameter hose for the new fire trucks that were recently obtained by the Carteret Fire Department.  B.P., which operates a storage, distribution, blending and dock facility in Carteret, also purchased large diameter water appliances to facilitate the flow of multiple water supplies.

 “This most recent grant demonstrates just how important public-private partnerships are to good government initiatives, and helps to underscore Carteret’s ability to do more with less,” Reiman said. “We have secured over $70 million in grants, donations, and endowments since 2003, enabling us to consistently improve the quality of life for Carteret residents, while simultaneously stabilizing the tax rate. Today’s announcement is yet another step in that direction.”

 The hose is using new technology that allows higher operating pressures up to 300 PSI, which make it suitable for industrial operations. The conventional large diameter hose that the department is replacing is nearing the end of its lifespan and was used for “supply” operations, only up to 200 PSI. The new hose will enable Carteret’s firefighters to address the demands of large hazardous material and industrial fires along the central New Jersey corridor.

 Nothing is more important to the safety of a community than its emergency services having the necessary tools to support its infrastructure,” added Krum. “The Carteret Fire Department has and will continue to foster a never-ending process of upgrading its resources and facilities in a fiscally responsible way.”

This most recent grant comes on the heels of the acquisition of two new fire trucks and the expansion of department facilities without the use of residential tax dollars.

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