Carteret High School student to attend USNA Summer Seminar program

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman and Councilwoman Susan Naples congratulated Carteret High School student Jonathan Mortimer in March on his acceptance into the U.S. Naval Academy’s Summer Seminar (NASS) program. A Junior at Carteret High, Mr. Mortimer is one of 2,250 international applicants accepted into the program for the 2011 summer session.


The program will be hosted at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. NASS is designed for students who will have just completed their junior year of high school as of the summer of the current year.  According to the U.S.N.A., it is a fast-paced, six-day experience for high-achievers who may be interested in pursuing an appointment to one of the nation’s service academies and serving as a military officer after graduation.  NASS is held in three sessions from June through August.


The Summer Seminar introduces students to the opportunities at the Naval Academy where academics, athletics, and professional training play equally important roles in developing our nation’s leaders. Students will live on-campus, participate in academic and leadership workshops, and experience a variety of activities at the academy.  Students are given the opportunity to see first-hand what the academy has to offer through its exceptional academic, athletic, extracurricular activities and leadership training programs.


The academy’s current students, known as midshipmen, run the Summer Seminar training with oversight by active duty Navy and Marine Corps officers.


Mayor Reiman’s office submitted a letter of recommendation to the office of Congressman Albio Sires in February, based on Mr. Mortimer’s academic merits, athletic achievements, and extracurricular activities.


“We’re proud to see one of our promising young students attending one of the United States’ most prestigious and historic military institutions,” Mayor Reiman stated. “This is an invaluable program not only in its potential to nurture career interests, but in further instilling discipline and self-respect in our young men and women. We congratulate Jonathan Mortimer and wish him the best of luck during this year’s USNA Summer Seminar program.”

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