Carteret Hires 14 New Officers

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman and Councilwoman Susan Naples announced the addition of fourteen new officers to the Carteret Police department.  Of the new officers, one officer is a full time Civil Service appointment and the thirteen other officers are Special Law Enforcement Officers (SLEO) who recently graduated the academy.


Ten of the new officers will start with the SLEO I designation and three of the officers will be designated SLEO II.  Their daily activities include foot and vehicle patrols in Borough schools, parks, waterfront areas and shopping districts.  They also provide spectator control at events, traffic enforcement and writing of summonses (vehicle and traffic regulation).


“Increasing the number of officers will bring added safety and security by making the Carteret Police Department more visible.  SLEO officers can be used for many activities like crowd control at special events, traffic enforcement and foot patrols,” said Mayor Dan Reiman.  “This allows us to be more strategic in the way the department utilizes the more experienced full time officers.”

Eight of the officers attended Monmouth County Police Academy, three attended Ocean County Police Academy and two attended John H. Stamler Police Academy of Union County.


In addition to the SLEOs, one full-time Civil Service Police Officer is currently enrolled at the Mercer County Academy and is expected to graduate towards the end of the year.  Three additional full-time Civil Service officers are going through the interview process & will enter the Monmouth County Police Academy in August 2016.

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