Carteret hosts day of mourning and candlelight vigil for victims of Newtown Connecticut shootings

Carteret, NJ – The Office of Carteret Mayor Daniel J. Reiman hosted a candlelight vigil for the victims of the mass shooting that took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday, December 14th, in Newtown Connecticut. The memorial service was held on Wednesday December 19th at the Memorial Municipal Building at 61 Cooke Avenue.


Mayor Reiman, members of the Borough Council, and state and county dignitaries joined with residents and visitors for an evening of solemn remembrance, to acknowledge those whose lives were lost. Guests included State Senator Joseph Vitale, Councilman Jorge Diaz, Councilman Randy Krum, Councilman Dennis DiMascio, Councilman Vinnie Bellino, and Freeholder Ronald G. Rios.



“Thank you to the residents and friends who took part in yesterday’s ceremony,” Councilman Bellino said. “This was very important to me – while the incident broke my heart, the outpouring of love and concern witnessed at the vigil was inspiring.”


Hundreds of residents were in attendance in an outpouring of support for the victims and their families.


Mayor Reiman said:


“There are many occasions which bring us together as a community throughout the year – some to honor our military, others in recognition of historic events and holidays, we usually gather with a much more festive spirit to celebrate our shared heritage and cultures; but tonight we gather for another purpose, to honor the memories of those lost in a horrific attack inflicted upon the quiet community of Newtown, Connecticut.


As I look out upon so many familiar and friendly faces, and remember that ours is a community that recognizes the importance of coming together– tonight’s ceremony is a symbolic affirmation that even in the worst of circumstances, no American is ever alone and so we join together to pray, to our heavenly father above, that he look after those that have departed this earth as well as their families and friends who remain here among us.


We know we share this pain with all of the people in our country and our friends from around the world, this is truly an attack on humanity. I know for certain that all of us have run the range of thoughts and emotions that are sure to follow such an unspeakable tragedy – How could anyone do such a thing? What if one of those children was mine, a family member’s, or my neighbor’s? Would we be as brave as one of those school staff members under the same circumstances? And perhaps the most asked question , WHY?


And we have all likely imagined the kind of justice we would have liked extracted from the evil perpetrator had he not chosen a coward’s escape from accountability.


Although there are millions, like us, who would like answers to the many questions that have now arisen, here tonight we will not to discover the answers we seek; but simply join as a community and a small town family in support of that greater nation, to provide solace and support both for New-town and each other. For the families of the 27 victims we cannot bear as they do, the full impact of this tragedy- tonight we will leave and go our separate ways, next week we will celebrate Christmas and soon the New Year, and unfortunately for many, tonight and the victims will soon be a recent and then distant memory. I can assure you that the families and the community in Newtown will not forget. They will not forget would-be birthdays and would have future graduation dates as they come and go.


As a people we feel the loss, but most especially for the 20 children ages 6 and 7 who will never have the opportunity to experience life or to grow old.”


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