Carteret Opens Electric Car Charging Station

Carteret, NJ – Carteret residents and commuters are now afforded more environmentally-friendly ways to power their vehicles as Mayor Dan Reiman and the Carteret Business Partnership announced the addition of a dual-port electric car charger. The charging station is located at 35 Cooke Avenue behind Borough hall in the center of town.

Electric vehicles require little or no gasoline, and instead rely largely on batteries-charged by plugging the cars into an electrical outlet for power. They cause less pollution and have lower emissions than most other vehicle types, and help reduce dependency on overseas sources of oil. Maintenance costs are also expected to be lower than many standard vehicles owing to the absence of a combustion engine.

“Carteret has a long history of embracing the ‘Go Green’ Philosophy, and today’s announcement is yet another example of that,” said Mayor Reiman. “The electric car charger is a cost-effective addition to our town which will help improve the air quality and encourage cleaner renewable energy for our residents.”

The charging station, manufactured by ChargePoint, provides a driver-friendly user interface and full motion LCD display with an instructional video that shows how to use the station. It contains two charging ports with the ability of intelligent power sharing between vehicles. Anyone possessing 240-volt plug-in electric vehicle is eligible to use this new station.

Charging station is located inside the municipal parking lot with a three-hour parking limit. Parking at the charging station is reserved for electric vehicles only while being charged. Municipal parking lot is free of charge but users are required to pay a fee ($1/hour) to use the charging station. The fee is payable in following ways. Users may:

  1. Call ChargePoint from the station location at (888) 758-4389 and provide a credit card number.
  2. Set up a ChargePoint account online and receive a free ChargePoint card. Go to the ChargePoint site to get started.
  3. Use a “contactless” credit card (one with a microchip/RFID tag).
  4. Set up a PayPal account online. Go to the PayPal site to get started.
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