Carteret Police Dept Determines Sunday’s Report of Child Luring in Carteret Did Not Occur

Carteret, NJ – Carteret Police Chief Dennis McFadden has announced, that after a thorough investigation, the alleged attempted luring of a 7-year-old girl in Carteret did not occur.

“All reports made to the Cateret Police Department are taken seriously and complete investigations are conducted,” said Chief McFadden. “At this time, after viewing security camera footage in the area and speaking to eyewitnesses and the alleged victim’s parents, it has been determined that the event did not occur.”

Reports of the alleged luring were circulated on social media throughout Sunday and Monday, causing public outcry and frenzy before Police could conduct a thorough investigation. The original social media post, which claimed to have come from a friend of the girl’s parents, contained specific details of the alleged attacker but was later changed dramatically to be more ambiguous and vague.

“It’s important for victims to file a police report and let police conduct a thorough investigation before information is released to the public,” said Chief McFadden. “I’d like to thank the family and witnesses for cooperating with the investigation.”

The public is encouraged to call the Carteret Police Department at 732-541-4181 to report suspicious activity before posting to social media.

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