Carteret Pond refilled & restocked

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman has joined with Councilman Vinnie Bellino in announcing that the post-hurricane repairs and restocking of fish at Carteret Pond have been completed.

The most prominent attraction at Carteret Park, Carteret Pond was discovered to be brackish following Hurricane Sandy, and an unsuitable habitat for the range of freshwater fish that normally inhabit it.

According to the Borough’s Engineering Department, tests are conducted quarterly by a private contractor, to keep the pond balanced, and to ensure that it remains a suitable habitat for fish. Following Hurricane Sandy, no fish were found in the pond.

While the water was being tested, both aerators in the pond stopped working, along with the pond’s 3 circulator pumps. The damage was the result of hurricane related flooding, according to the Carteret Department of Engineering, which both washed the fish from the pond and caused saltwater damage to the pumps and aerators.

In early August 2013, the pond was drained before repairs were made, then refilled with 3.2 million gallons of fresh water. Once the pond was filled, the N.J. D.E.P. followed up with another study and concluded that the water was chemically balanced, and once again habitable for aquatic wildlife. The Borough contracted Hackettstown State Fish Hatchery to restock the pond with approximately 600 freshwater fish that include sunfish, bass, and catfish.

“Carteret Pond has always been a central recreational attraction in Carteret,” Mayor Reiman said, “and a popular freshwater fishing spot for residents of all ages. We’re glad that it has been restored to its original integrity, and that it will continue to be a resource for recreation to so many of our residents and visitors.” 

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