Carteret Releases Participation Data from Local ‘Teacher in the Library’ Homework Help Program

Carteret, NJ – The administration of Mayor Dan Reiman has released end-of-year data from the Borough’s “Teacher in the Library” Homework Help program, which just completed its second year of operation. The program, open to all local K-12 students and free of charge, provides for three certified teachers, at least one of which is bilingual, to be available at the Carteret Public Library from 3:30pm to 6:30pm, Monday through Thursday, for general homework assistance. Students attend on an as-needed basis without the hassle of registration or a predetermined number of hours of assistance.


“The student participation in this second year of programming has been nothing short of astounding,” said Reiman. “In the month of October alone, we saw nearly 500 local students receive free educational support from teachers within our school district. ‘Teacher in the Library’ has truly transformed our community’s approach to academic enrichment.”


The program, which originally began as a pilot in January of 2014, has also begun to spawn supplementary educational offshoots over the course of the year. October’s “Games of the Mind” provided free chess, checkers, and Sudoku lessons, while “Summer Projects Sessions” in August offered assistance to students in completing summer assignments. Funding for all programs is provided through a combination of grants from the Carteret Public Library, the Carteret Business Partnership, and Verizon Foundation.


Some highlights of the 2015 year include the following:


  • 3,149 total students served
  • Approximately $37,725 saved on private tutoring
  • 503 hours of instruction
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