Carteret to Add More Patrol Vehicles to the Streets

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman and Councilwoman Susan Naples announced that the Carteret Police Department acquired 13 new police vehicles for 2016.

Nine of the new vehicles will be Ford Explorers equipped with police emergency lights, in-car video cameras, mobile data terminals and transport cages and seats. A separate Ford Explorer is being retrofitted as a K9 narcotics unit which will involve installing a transport cage for the canine. A K9 united was recently created and the canine and officer are currently in training. The dog is being trained on how to recognize scents of different drugs and how to react when it detects them. The K9 officer is attending a fifteen-week training program, run by Middlesex County K9 Unit within the Sheriff’s department.

The Borough also acquired three Ford Focuses for use by Special Law Enforcements Officers (SLEOs). These vehicles will be equipped with Mobile Data terminals and an in in-car video system to be used for traffic and parking enforcement.

“The additional vehicles acquired will permit a significant increase in the number of marked patrol vehicles in the department and will also replace several older vehicles that will be retired,” said Naples. “We are thrilled to add the additional vehicles & resources to the Carteret Police Department. The K9 unit will help make Carteret a safer community by cracking down on drug possession and distribution,” said Reiman.

All vehicles are in and are being outfitted with equipment.

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