Central Jersey Arts Council to Receive $7,000 for Carteret Programming

Carteret, NJ – The Central Jersey Arts Council (CJAC) announced the organization has received $5,000 from Investors Savings Bank and $2,000 from Roosevelt Savings Bank for its art programs scheduled for summer and fall.

The Summer Teen Arts program is a collaboration between CJAC and the Borough of Carteret.  The program is in its third year.  Teens are selected to participate in and learn about different art forms and mediums over the course of five weeks.  Teens also take day trips to different cultural art centers.  The program is run from 9:30AM to 2:30PM on successive Fridays in Carteret Park.  Trained professionals teach the students to use different mediums and push themselves out of their “comfort zone” with regard to the creation of art.

“It is great that two of our local banks are helping CJAC bring art and culture to Carteret’s youth,” said Mayor Reiman.  “The summer Art Program has been very successful in inspiring artists to explore the range of their abilities.  I think the Girl Power event is a great initiative and I think it is important to empower young women to know the skies the limit.”

The second grant was a matching grant for CJAC’s Ladies Night fundraiser held in March.  The program will take place during the fall and feature twenty self-selected and nominated girls who will learn about employing healthy choices, confidence and career planning/college preparation skills.  Women from various professions will discuss the challenges and opportunities they have had in the work place.  The program was created to help inspire younger women to strive for professional equity.

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