Children’s Charity Plans for Drive To Recycle Used Clothing

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman and the Children’s Charity Trust Fund joined with the READ Foundation this week to announce that clothing donations will be accepted at the Carteret Public Library, on select days for the remainder of December. According to the Mayor, proceeds generated through donations will support the library’s children’s services.


Donations may be made at the Carteret Public Library

100 Cooke Avenue



December 21-23

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


December 28-30

9:00 a.m. 8:00 p.m.


December 31

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Donations may include used or new men’s shirts, men’s pants, women’s blouses, women’s slacks, coats, shoes, suits, children’s clothes, dresses, T-shirts, and shorts.


Mayor Reiman has stated that in addition to helping the needy, donations will be Federal Income Tax deductible, promote his administration’s agenda for a “greener” Carteret through recycling, and contribute to future library enhancements.


“The R.E.A.D. Foundation has innovatively provided valuable services to the global community since its inception,” Mayor Reiman said. “By partnering with our Children’s Charity and the Public Library, we will see a host of benefits both at home and abroad for those in need and those who utilize our library’s gamut of resources.”


R.E.A.D. is a New Jersey based nationally acclaimed registered charity, providing fundraising through recycling. The READ Foundation provides financial assistance to charitable causes in a unique way – it’s fundraising is generated through the collection and recycling of products such as used clothing, toy stuffed animals and other recyclable materials. Monitored recycling containers are placed in public places. That which is collected is recycled and the revenue generated is donated to local charitable causes.

READ’S recycling-fundraising program provides used or unwanted clothing to third world countries. The financially disadvantaged are able to acquire used clothing at a fraction of its original cost, thereby providing wearing apparel to those who cannot afford to buy new. An additional percentage of the clothing collected is donated to worthy causes. The balance is truly recycled by being  reduced to cutting cloth and fillers, thereby completing the recycling-cycle.


The success of the READ Recycling Fundraising Program is dependent upon the careful monitoring of READ’s collection containers. Local responsible citizens are hired to routinely inspect collection containers so as to ensure that they are maintained in a safe and clean manner.


“I believe this program is a win-win for all those involved,” Mayor Reiman added. “We will be reducing the amount of clothes that people may have thrown into the landfill – recycling usable clothes for those in need, raising funds for our library’s children’s department, and providing residents an opportunity to earn tax credits and make a tax deductible donation for items they might otherwise discard.”

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