Construction completed on Police Marine Terminal Barracks

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Daniel J. Reiman has announced the Borough’s construction on the New Jersey State Police Marine Barracks adjacent to Carteret’s Waterfront Park has been completed. The $1,442,000 project, funded by a federal grant from the Department of Homeland Security, was first proposed in 2012, through a partnership between the State Police and the Borough’s administration.

The building is located on a 1 acre site previously used as a trailer storage lot for the former occupants, along Carteret’s Arthur Kill waterfront redevelopment area overlooking the Borough’s planned marina project.

Construction on the 4,350 square foot police barracks began in early January. The structure hosts the Marine Division of the New Jersey State Police, which is relocating from Newark Bay in Essex County.

A Port Security Grant from the American Recovery and Investment Act provided a $1,442,000 grant for the project funding, which covered both planning and construction costs.

“The strength of Carteret’s revitalization has come from the many unique partnerships it has established with our strategies for redevelopment,” Mayor Reiman said. “We’re thrilled that the New Jersey State Police has seen fit to relocate its marine barracks to Carteret, and that it mutually recognizes the strategic value and overall potential of our waterfront redevelopment area.”

The property is owned by the Carteret Redevelopment Agency (CARA), and is being leased to the State of New Jersey through a 40-year land lease.

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