Deck Improvements at the Blazing Star Cultural Arts Center Nearly Complete

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman has joined with the Central Jersey Arts Council (CJAC) in announcing that improvements are nearly complete at the Blazing Star Cultural Arts Center outdoor patio. The center, which is located at 63 Carteret Avenue, has an incredibly rich and diverse cultural history.

The additional space will allow more guests to be served with a wide variety of experiences ranging from family art workshops, story-telling, and culinary arts demonstrations. The Blazing Star Cultural Arts Center is home to the Carteret Historical Committee, and the Central Jersey Arts Council. In addition, the Blazing Star also serves as a practice space for cultural groups such as the new Carteret Community Choir.

The building itself has served many generations of Carteret residents. The structure was originally built in 1898 as a YMCA. It was then purchased by local industrial businesses and donated to the Borough in 1930 to be used as a public library and educational facility. It served as the Borough’s library until 2001 when the library was relocated to 100 Cooke Avenue. All of the building’s architectural highlights have been preserved throughout its restoration.

Improvements to the building were made over a five year period as grant funding and donations became available. It now houses pictures, documents, and artifacts relating to Carteret’s local history and also provides a resource for the creative arts and cultural history. The building is functioning as an educational resource for residents and visitors, serving as a museum, reference center, meeting place, and arts facility.

“This is a great example of our efforts to diversify Carteret’s recreational and educational resources,” said Mayor Reiman. “We are pleased to announce the improvements of the Blazing Star Cultural Arts Center. This facility will now be able to provide more community members with a comfortable place for learning, sharing, and congregation.”

In addition to the deck improvements, the basement, which was once a bowling alley, is also under renovation. It will serve as a multipurpose space for historical, cultural, and arts-related activities. These renovations will add valuable studio and classroom space to the Blazing Star Cultural Arts Center.

“We are planning to dedicate a working library section for the public to research the Carteret Historical Committee’s archives,” said Lindsay Erben, the Executive Director of Central Jersey Arts Council. “Many residents have fond memories of visiting the children’s section of the old library. We are looking forward to opening that space again for folks to enjoy.”

The types of activities hosted at the Blazing Star Cultural Arts Center include: historical exhibitions and presentations, art shows, musical performances, community arts and musical workshops, classes and more.

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