West Carteret Dunkin to Construct Drive-Thru

Carteret, NJ – Customers at the Dunkin in West Carteret, located at 1245 Roosevelt Avenue soon will be able to pick up their orders at a drive-thru window, as construction of the facility renovation will begin this Fall. Plans for the drive-thru were approved by the Carteret Planning Board at their May 2019 meeting, but were delayed by continuous issues with the county planning and engineering offices.

“Many patrons favor drive-thrus for convenience when driving to work without having to park and walk into a store,” said Mayor Dan Reiman. “We look forward to welcoming the Dunkin drive-thru to Carteret. The Dunkin’s new modern look will also be more in line with aesthetic improvements being made throughout the Borough.”

Thomas Mascia, franchisee of the West Carteret Dunkin store, said his goal is to modernize the Dunkin to make it a ”nextgen” store including substantial interior and exterior renovations.

Dunkin began offering on-the-go ordering through their mobile app a few years ago, which allows customers to place their order up to 24 hours in advance and pickup at the drive-thru window. More than 60% of Dunkin locations now feature a drive-thru window. The chain went into 2020 with 13,137 locations, including 5,300 drive-thru locations, and expects to end the year with 1,400 “nextgen” stores including the location in West Carteret.

Drive-thrus also limit exposure that customers and staff have with one another during the current COVID-19 pandemic and allow for greater social distancing.

The drive-thru Dunkin is expected to open sometime in 2021.

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