Ferry feasibility open house

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman and the Borough Council will be hosting an open house forum on the creation of a Carteret to Manhattan ferry service on Tuesday June 28th from 5 to 9 PM at the Thomas J. Deverin Community Center, 100 Cooke Ave, Carteret.

Transportation experts will be discussing the viability of a Carteret to Manhattan Ferry and the concerns of residents, commuters, businesses and stakeholders in the region. The feasibility study will focus on existing transportation options to Manhattan versus the proposed alternatives. We are looking for input from the community on travel times and the logistical needs of the community to make this endeavor reality.
“This is a required task to move the project forward,” said Mayor Reiman.
As a condition of the federal grant the Borough is required to get community input on how the project will impact them and evaluate transportation alternatives. The Borough sent out a public service advisory to over 6,000 residents informing them of the forum. This is in addition to posts on the Borough website and social media accounts.

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