Hampshire Group Begins $60 million Redevelopment of Abandoned Glass Factory

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Daniel J. Reiman on Monday, December 2nd, executed a redevelopment agreement with the Hampshire Investment Group, which will redevelop the abandoned 33 acre ball glass industrial property at 50 Bryla Street into a state of the art industrial complex. 

The Borough Council and Planning Board have approved the redevelopment plan and agreement for construction of a 460,000 square foot light industrial complex at the former Ball Glass manufacturing facility formerly owned by Saint Gobain Corporation in the West Carteret industrial park.

“The Council and I are pleased to unveil the redevelopment plan for 50 Bryla.  This parcel of land, which has been a vacant abandoned Brownfield for some time, will now provide the Borough with a significant source of union construction jobs and long term employment opportunities as well as millions of dollars of additional tax revenue,” Mayor Reiman stated. 

The site at 50 Bryla Street, the former home of the Ball Glass Facility which was owned by Saint Gobain and manufactured mason glass jars, has been idle for close to a decade and is part of the Federal Boulevard Redevelopment Area.  The current structure on the 33 acre site will be torn down to make room for the 459,500 square foot state of the art warehouse, according to the developers of the site, 50 Bryla LLC, a subsidiary of the Hampshire Investment Group.

“The redevelopment of 50 Bryla Street represents a major accomplishment consistent with the Borough’s redevelopment strategy” Councilman Jorge Diaz said. “This redevelopment will remediate the onsite contamination left, after nearly of half a century of glass manufacturing, and I look forward the completion of this project.” 

The proposed site improvements will include parking areas, truck loading facilities, storm water management facilities, as well as lighting and landscaping. Construction is scheduled to be completed by spring of 2015.

The developers will also be responsible for their “fair share” contribution of the planned offsite improvements to reconstruct the intersection at the base of the turnpike bridge in West Carteret, according to the Borough’s Office of Engineering. 

“We are waiting final county and state approvals on the Roosevelt Ave/ Post Blvd/ Minue Street intersection upgrade so that we can resolve this long standing traffic problem left by the NJ Turnpike Authority on the western side of their bridge. These improvements will allow for a better level of service at the light and will accommodate future redevelopment and growth in our commercial and industrial areas of West Carteret” Mayor Reiman added.

Project Highlights:

  • Redevelop the abandoned St. Gobain site – Ball Glass factory


  • Project will be a 460,000 sq ft state of the art light industrial facility for warehouse distribution and possible manufacturing


  • Demolition and remediation is currently under way and new Construction will start within 60 days and be completed by Spring 2015


  • Bring over $1,000,000 per year in revenues to the Borough, escalating up to almost $2,000,000 per year in 20 years and $3,000,000 per year in 30 year for a total tax agreement of $48.2 million in tax payments over the term of the 30 agreement. (Current taxes on the site generated $262,346 in 2013, $265,371 in 2012, and $244,039 in 2011)


  • Impact / Construction fees in the amount of $2,500,000 associated with the construction of this project to the borough of Carteret.


  • 100 % Union labor for all aspects of construction of the project, creating hundreds of construction jobs and hundreds of long term warehouse jobs.

 “We are happy to once again partner with the Hampshire Fund group to redevelopment abandoned industrial tracts here in Carteret. Hampshire successfully redeveloped the site of the old Hermann’s sporting goods complex where today we host PC Richards & Son corporate office and retail facility. They also redeveloped the shuttered Pathmark office campus on Milik Street to a 242,000 FedEx facility that opened just a few months ago,” Mayor Reiman added.

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