Mayor Announces Ground Breaking Ceremony for Noe Street Project

Carteret, NJ – The Mayor and Borough Governing body will be holding a ground breaking ceremony on Friday, October 28th at 12:00 noon for the Noe Street project at the future site of the Noe Street Park.

“I am very proud of the work we’ve done so far with the Noe Street Park,” said Mayor Reiman.  “The project will go a long way to eliminate nuisance flooding in the area and it will also add to the Borough’s vibrant parks system.”

The Noe Street Park is being created to mitigate flooding to residential areas and to provide additional opportunities for recreation to Borough residents.  The borough acquired a block of residential properties in the low lying areas of Noe Street that have experienced severe flooding in the past.  The properties were combined with borough lots to be used to create a passive recreation park.  At the center of the park will be a drainage pond used to collect storm water from new and additional catch basins on the street. Once the water exceeds a certain level a new pump station will begin diverting excess water to an upgraded outflow off of Peter J. Sica highway to Noe’s Creek which drains into the Arthur Kill.  Obsolete storm water drainage pipes will be replaced on Pershing and Leick Avenue as well as Noe, Harris and Sharot Streets.  Once the project is complete all of the roads will be milled and repaved.  The basin will appear as a pond at the center of the new park and may be used as an ice rink during winter for skating and other such winter activities, as weather permits.

“We married together several sources of funding to make the project the feasible.  The upgrade will prevent the ponding that occurs from the system being overwhelmed by sudden heavy rainfall.  This would not prevent the flooding from one hundred year events, like Superstorm Sandy, but it will prevent the more frequent 25-50 year events from being catastrophic,” said Reiman.

The project will take approximately eighteen months to complete and will be completed in four phases.  The first phase will involve the creation of the drainage basin at the new Noe street Park, a pump station will be installed in the park adjacent to the pond and the outflow to Noe’s Creek will be upgraded to manage larger quantities of water.

The project is being completed by Lucas Construction Group, of Morganville, who was awarded the project in May.  The nearly $8 million dollar projects is being financed by the NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust with 19% of the funding being a grant and the balance being low interest loan.  In addition to the NJEIT funding the NJDEP granted money to the Borough from the Green Acres Open Space fund for acquisition of properties for the creation of the park.

“This project is long overdue and finally four years after Super Storm Sandy the state has issued approval for work to begin,” said Reiman.

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