Mayor Announces Improvements to Bishop Andrewz Park

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman and Council President Vinnie Bellino have announced the construction of a new water spray park at Bishop Andrewz Park (Chrome Park). The water spray park will be located in the southwest corner near the intersection of Salem Avenue and Bergen Street.

The new spray pad will be designed in a curvilinear pattern and have an area of approximately 1200 square feet. The spray pad will be a colored concrete surface with perimeter sidewalk connecting to existing pathways in the park as well as benches.

The spray park will feature one above ground structure and multiple flush mounted spray jets all forming a multitude of patterns and interest for the children using the facility. The spray park will be operated by flush mounted push buttons placed throughout the spray pad. The control panel, all valves and piping will be located in an underground vault adjacent to the pad.  A new water service will be provided to the pad from Pershing Avenue.

“We’ve been focusing on the expansion of our public resources for recreation.” Mayor Reiman stated, “In addition to the upgrades and improvements that our system of parks has been undergoing. Projects such as this have allowed my administration to ‘think outside the box’ in broadening the range of recreational opportunities available to our residents.”

Preliminary plans for Chrome Park improvements also include new concrete curb and handicap accessible sidewalks along with more than 400 parallel parking spots around its perimeter.

“Chrome Park has been the focus of an array of improvements over the past few years,” Council President and Parks Commissioner Vinnie Bellino added. “The quality of our system of parks has always been proportional to the variety of active and passive recreational amenities offered.”

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