Mayor asks residents & visitors to take important survey

Carteret, NJ – What stores and restaurants would you prefer to see in Carteret? The Borough would like to know your answer to that question and several others that have been published in a consumer survey appearing in town this month. The responses to this survey will be used to determine the shops, services, and restaurants that should be recruited to improve the shopping and dining experience here.


“This is a rare chance for our residents, workers, and visitors to share their opinions, and for those opinions to directly shape the commerce of our community,” said Mayor Daniel Reiman. “I hope that everyone who receives a survey recognizes its importance, and will take ten minutes to help guide our plans for the future of Carteret.” The Mayor noted that the survey will be mailed to 5,000 random households this month, and it will also be distributed at several stores, banks, and restaurants. It may also be taken online, at the Borough’s website:

The surveys are an important piece of a Community Insights™ analysis being performed by JGSC Group, a New Jersey consulting firm that has worked on the revitalization of more than 60 downtown centers across New Jersey, and in six other states. Their services are being provided through funding from the Carteret Urban Enterprise Zone. Kathy Shaw, Director of the Borough’s Office of Economic Development, is an enthusiastic supporter of the surveys: “We are going to learn what we need to do to make shopping in Carteret a better experience,” said Shaw.

Information collected on the surveys will be analyzed with syndicated data from commercial sources, and combined to form a comprehensive market analysis. The results of that analysis will provide valuable insights that the Borough can use to attract the best new businesses (for the redevelopment project areas, the waterfront, and the Washington Avenue district). It will also help existing businesses to be more successful.

Surveys will begin arriving in homes and businesses within the next few weeks, while several Carteret merchants will be offering the survey to their shoppers this month. Key findings of the study will be included later this year in a comprehensive report to the Borough that will be made available to the public when it is published.

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