Mayor Calls for Consolidation Of Carteret Parks & Public Works

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Daniel J. Reiman has announced that several Municipal departments and services have been consolidated under a single organizational structure. The directive was made as a part of the administration’s agenda to streamline operations, and is the second such restructuring to be made since the recent consolidation of the Borough’s career and volunteer Fire personnel.

Under the new structure, the Borough’s Department of Engineering and Public Works will preside over the town’s Parks Department, as well as Sanitation, Recycling, Streets and Roads, and the Sewer Department. The change will be particularly significant for the Engineering, which has had continual involvement with the other departments via a range of recent improvement projects;

“For years we have had outdated and antiquated organizational structure, allowing for a the fragmentation of departments and services that have operated independently of one another,” Mayor Reiman stated. “Unifying their organizational structure was a clear way of producing more efficiency. But these are also departments and services that have played host to an incredible range of capital improvements in Carteret. Our Department of Engineering turns the wheels that bring these projects to completion, but also oversees their preservation and maintenance. We went ahead and made Engineering’s integration official, and streamlined our operations in the process.”

Last month, the Mayor announced the success of similar changes that were made within the town’s Fire Department, bringing both volunteer and career personnel under the same chain of command. Since then the Mayor and Fire Chief have credited a number of operational changes that have improved its services, such as unified training, which has also proven cost saving. Previously, volunteers and career personnel trained separately, polarizing the two, but also doubling the man-hours and resources required.

“Engineers will boast that few things in the modern world have evolved without engineering,” Reiman added. “In the case of our Public Works and Parks departments, this is very much the truth. Moreover, we are at a stage in this administration where we are making every effort possible towards the improvement of these departments. This has included changing the way we provide our day-to-day services. Consolidating these departments will mean sharing our resources, and most importantly, reemphasizing the teamwork that produces our successes.”

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