Mayor & Council Dedicate New DPW Site The “Stephen Moylan Memorial Public Works Building Opens”

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Daniel J. Reiman along with local residents and borough officials joined with members of the Moylan family last week, to unveil the Borough’s now completed Public Works building. The two-year project has provided a new state-of-the-art facility which has consolidated a number of the town’s public services.

Using  $250,000 in legislative initiative funding that was dedicated to help relocate the facility. The new structure has been built on borough owned property adjacent to its Sewer Department facilities, on the site of the former waste water processing center. The previous Public Works property and structures were for years considered to be antiquated and inconvenient by both the town’s administration and residents. The relocation will establish a more efficient center of operations, and consolidated recycling, streets & roads, garage, and sewer services that are depended on extensively.

The facility has been dedicated to deceased resident Stephen Moylan, who worked for the town’s Public Works department from 1982 until 1996 when he was injured on the job and subsequently retired. Mr. Moylan passed away just over a year after he retired in 1998.

The project called for the construction of a 5 bay garage and storage facility, as well as the construction of a suitable access way. Additional expenditures accounted for the construction of utilities, outdoor lighting, an automated gate, and the clearing of debris. Project costs totaled $1.25 million, of which $500,000 was provided through a developers agreement for the previous site, as well as $450,000 from its sale.

“A facility upgrade has long been overdue for our Public Works Department,” Mayor Reiman commented. “Thanks to private endowments and  state support, we can now offer a more efficient, state of the art center of operations for these public services. This has effectively brought our public works department into the 21st century at no cost to Carteret taxpayers. I am particularly happy that we could name this building after long time resident and employee Stephen Moylan who served the residents of Carteret for many years. ” 

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