Mayor & Council host Hurricane Sandy “1 Year Later” event honoring volunteers & emergency service workers

Carteret, NJ – On Sunday, October 27th, Mayor Reiman joined with the Borough Council, borough emergency services staff, and over 200 residents to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. U.S. Congressman Frank Pallone, N.J. Senator Joe Vitale, Assemblyman John Wisniewski, Assemblyman Craig Coughlin, and Middlesex County Freeholder Director Ron Rios joined Mayor Reiman in honoring the emergency service workers and volunteers who made Carteret’s recovery possible.

“I dread to think of the kind of condition Carteret and its residents would have been in,” Mayor Reiman said, “were it not for the selfless and often heroic dedication of our emergency service professionals, and the hundreds of residents and friends of Carteret who volunteered their time and resources to help with our recovery efforts.”

Mayor Reiman had declared a state of emergency in Carteret one year ago, before a near-record storm surge and severe winds compromised public safety and disrupted transportation, calling for the closing of several roads and limiting access to public facilities, food, and emergency services. Total damages to public areas and facilities were estimated at $7.1 million. Four houses in the Borough were destroyed by natural gas fires, while at least 6 others were structurally compromised, beyond habitability, by either flooding or downed trees. A total of 200 homes were seriously damaged, along with approximately 30 apartments, 20 businesses, and 4 industrial facilities, totaling approximately $47 million.

Carteret’s emergency service departments played a significant role during the storm, opening roadways, restoring utilities, performing “swift water rescues” from stranded vehicles, and transporting residents with storm-related injuries to local shelters and regional medical facilities.

Mayor Reiman said, “We recognize all of our emergency service workers who demonstrated their skill and experience during Sandy, as well as their commitment to a safer Carteret. Combatting the storm and the recovery period would not have gone so well were it not for the dedication of those who comprise our emergency and public services departments.”

Mayor Reiman also recognized the many volunteers and donations that have made the Borough’s recovery period easier for residents. Over 150 volunteers from both within and beyond Carteret offered their time to assist with local Emergency Shelters as well as parks cleanup. Thousands of dollars in donations were made to Carteret’s Hurricane Relief Fund, along with donations of food, water, and clothing. At its peak, Carteret’s Emergency Shelter provided housing and food to over 160 residents.

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