Mayor & Council to host ribbon-cutting ceremony for new Teen Room

Carteret, NJ – On Thursday June 3rd, Mayor Daniel J. Reiman will join with the Carteret Library Board of Trustees to unveil the “Teen Room,” the latest enhancement to the town’s evolving public library. The event will begin at 4:00 p.m. at the Carteret Public Library, 100 Cooke Avenue.

The recently completed addition occupies a 500 sq. ft. section of the facility, a $49,000 investment jointly funded by the Borough and the library itself. According to Mayor Reiman, the section was created to establish an area that the teens “could call their own,” housing learning resources specifically for young adults.

Resources available include teen’s books, magazines, audio visual materials, DVDs, databases, WiFi, 6 computer workstations, reference services, and special programs.

“The Carteret Public Library has become a vast and versatile educational resource,” Mayor Reiman stated, “catering to all age groups and accommodating the latest technological advances to facilitate learning. A large factor in its growth has been our ability to target the needs of specific age groups and expand our resources accordingly. Our young adults in particular may be preparing for careers or college, and find the Teen Room an asset towards their preparations for their future.”

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