Mayor Reiman and FMBA establish Bicycle Safety Program

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Reiman joined with FMBA President Mark Hruska today, to announce that the first installment of Carteret’s new Bicycle Safety program will be hosted Saturday morning, 10:00 a.m., at the Deverin Community Center.


The program, the first of its kind in Carteret, was established to promote safety for school-aged cyclists and skaters, according to Reiman. The two-hour program will feature a safety presentation, to be provided compliments of the Carteret Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association Local 67. The multi-media presentation will be followed by bicycle, skateboard, and scooter safety inspections. Participants will also have the opportunity to register to win free bike helmets, provided through the Community Develop Block Grant program.


The C.D.B.G. has enabled us to address a range of community needs both great and small,” Mayor Reiman stated, “and establish a number of programs that directly benefit residents of all ages without strain to our municipal budget. I am sure this enjoyable event will make a tangible difference in the level of safety with which our young adults bicycle and skate.”


Mayor Reiman added that a 2nd installment of the program will be hosted on May 30th, and that both installments have been promoted extensively within the school system.


“The F.M.B.A. has been actively involved in a number of special programs throughout the Carteret community,” Mark Hruska added. “Working with Mayor Reiman, we have been continually rediscovering – and redefining – the potential of our role within the community, and the kinds of improvements we can foster in Carteret. The Bicycle Safety Program will benefit all residents, by heightening bicycle safety awareness among youths, and maintaining the safe habits that we like to see practiced along our streets and in our parks.”


“I would like to thank Mark Hruska and the F.M.B.A.,” Mayor Reiman added, “who regularly contribute their time and energy to making Carteret a better place for residents of all ages.”


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