Mayor Reiman Encourages Residents to Participate in Operation Fire Safe; Carteret Fire Department to Offer Free Home Inspections for Borough Residents

Carteret, NJ – The Carteret Fire Department is offering free in-home inspections to Carteret residents.  The free services will include inspections of carbon monoxide/smoke detectors to ensure proper set up and function.  Inspectors will provide recommendations on the quantity of smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and the possible need for escape ladders for homes with more than one level.

“National Data supports that one out of five homes has smoke/carbon monoxide detectors that do not work,” said Mayor Dan Reiman.  “Providing the service is doing our due diligence with regard to fire safety.  At the end of the day it is about saving lives and that is what our fire department and our emergency service departments do.”

The Carteret Fire Department also offers a lockout service.  Residents who have locked themselves out of their car or home can contact the Police non-emergency number, 732-541-4181, and the dispatcher will send trained staff to assist residents. All inspections and lock out services will be done during down time, as first priority will always be that of public safety and emergency services.

“These services are good business practice and represent a proactive approach to safety on the Borough’s part,” said Fire Chief Mark Hruska.  “We are utilizing down time in the Fire Department to take preventative measures to ensure our resident’s safety and well-being.”

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