Mayor Reiman welcomes SGS back to Carteret

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Daniel J. Reiman joined with members of the regional business community on Wednesday, June 19th, for the official Grand Opening of SGS in West Carteret. The company recently chose to relocate back to Carteret from Bayonne, with new laboratory facilities at 900 Milik Street.

The 25,000 sq. ft. structure was formerly vacant, and has received $4 million in improvements from SGS with their relocation. Once fully operational, the Carteret location alone will employ between 50-100 people.

SGS is among the world’s leading fuel inspection, verification, testing and certification companies, recognized as a global benchmark in its field. With more than 75,000 employees worldwide, SGS operates a network of over 1,500 offices and laboratories around the world. Its first Oil, Gas & Chemicals Division branch in the United States was established in Carteret, New Jersey in 1979. In 2001, it relocated to Bayonne, and officially returned to Carteret in June 2013.

Across the globe, the company offers solutions for agrochemicals, seed, biofuels, fertilisers, food and forestry, assessing quality, adding value and securing safe and sustainable global supply chains. From primary production to the point of processing and custody transfer, SGS assists with legislation compliance, correct storage, shipping, packing and distribution as well as import and export product inspection for governments, manufacturers, traders, financial institutions and insurance companies.

SGS ensures brand guidelines are met throughout aftermarket and distribution operations by providing dealership and workshop audits, along with logistics and supply chain security services. It assists the energy sector in meeting regulations, considering safety, and limiting environmental impact. It supports the energy sector with a comprehensive range of independent inspections and audits across the petroleum, gas, electrical power, coal and renewable energy industries, reducing risk in all operations from exploration to decommissioning for the oil, gas and coal industries. In renewables, SGS consults on sustainability across hydroelectric, wind and solar power, maximizing productivity and increasing efficiency in sales and distribution processes.

“SGS’s return to Carteret is a testament to our business-friendly programs and policies,” Mayor Reiman stated, “and the range of capital improvements that have facilitated economic growth in the Borough. We’re very pleased to see SGS establish a new home in Carteret, and expect continuing growth for this worldwide industrial conglomerate.”

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