Mayor’s Charity Fund Awards $8,000 in Scholarships

Carteret, NJ – At Thursday’s Borough Council, Mayor Dan Reiman congratulated 16 of this year’s graduates, presenting each with a Commendation, and a $500 scholarship check from the Mayor’s Children’s Charity Trust Fund.


A total of $8,000 was given out from the fund, which was established to benefit Carteret youth through scholarships, and the support of academic, athletic, and arts programs for children and young adults. Scholarship recipients were awarded based on a range of criteria, from academic achievement, to continued service to the community.


Since its establishment in 2003, over $200,000 has been donated by the Children’s Charity Trust Fund in support of youth activities.


“We recognize the broad scope of interests youngsters move on to college with,” Mayor Reiman stated, “and that their future may not be based on academics alone. Among the many things we do for our kids through the Children’s Charity Trust Fund, is identify and nurture some of the many talents that may develop into life-long interests, or even career paths. We had some truly outstanding students this year – it was a pleasure to provide them with some assistance towards college.”


The Mayor added that with so many quality entries from each school, choosing winners was a difficult process.


The Mayor’s Children’s Charity Trust Fund is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization, established in 2003 to provide Carteret’s children with a monetary resource for education, athletics, and health. The Trust Fund was created with the understanding that many children are often high achievers with great potential, and who with the proper financial support can establish their own paths to success.


The Children’s Charity Trust Fund has raised funding for scholarships, arts and culture, athletic programs, other charities, and a variety of programs and services that benefit local children. Such events have included the Children’s Charity Carnival, Christmas Festival, Charity Ball and Silent Auction, along with many other varying charity events.


By the end of this year, it is expected that the Mayor’s Children’s Charity Trust Fund will have raised over $250,000.

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