Mayor’s Office issues Summer Health advisory

Carteret, NJ – In the wake of what has most recently been labeled a pandemic, the Borough of Carteret has issued a health advisory to Carteret residents providing information on the Influenza A Virus subtype H1N1 (Swine Flu), the West Nile Virus, heat stress, and other prominent health issues in the Borough’s Summer Health Advisory.


Working with the Carteret Health Department, Mayor Reiman issues two advisories a year (on average), that have provided residents with useful information from property maintenance to pressing health concerns. Over the past 5 years, such information has included advisories pertaining to the Asian Longhorn Beetle, to the West Nile Virus, in addition to fundamental tips on coping with heat stress, winter weather, and conventional energy saving measures.


To date, 4 of the 98 confirmed cases of Swine Influenza in Middlesex County have been contracted by Carteret residents. The Mayor’s health advisory has provided some vital information on the Swine Flu that will better enable residents to recognize its symptoms, and to address them appropriately;


“We now know that the symptoms manifested by the swine flu are similar to those of the standard human flu,” Mayor Reiman commented, “but we also know that in many cases, the standard flu can be severe when not recognized or treated properly. We have been urging residents to see a doctor immediately if they have any such symptoms.”


Since 2004, the Reiman administration has worked closely with the Carteret Health Department to improve a number of programs, and to establish new ones pertaining to health. In 2006, he helped establish a discount prescription drug program with Middlesex Freeholder James Polos, and has most recently worked with the state to establish and continue a summer food program for young adults. Other such programs have included Health Screening Clinics including Eye, Hearing, Mammograms, Pulmonary Lung Function, Melanoma, Osteoporosis, Podiatry, Blood Screenings, Well Baby Clinics, and Flu and Pneumococcal (pneumonia) Clinics.


“We have been committed to raising quality of life standards at every level. Along with many of our more noticeable improvements have come changes to programs that enhance day-to-day living for Carteret residents. The latest health issues have been at the forefront of the programs and services we now provide through the Health Department, and we firmly believe that knowledge is the best starting point – from the prevention of H1N1, to energy conservation.”


Carteret’s 2009 Summer Health Advisory, a town-wide mail-out, has also been made viewable on the Borough’s website,

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