New ASA Apple storage facility under construction

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman and Councilwoman Susan Naples have announced that the ASA Apple storage facility at 377 Roosevelt Avenue is approximately 60% complete and on schedule to open by year’s end.


Earlier this year Mayor Reiman joined with representatives from ASA Apple for a groundbreaking ceremony making way for the future 256,000 sq. ft. distribution center.


The site, a designated brownfields, formerly hosted Foster Wheeler, a fabrication facility that operated for close to 100 years until it relocated its offices to Livingston in the 1960’s. Other light industrial businesses have operated on the site intermittently until 2006.


The new facility will be owned and operated by ASA Apple in Carteret, making type S1 import and export-based storage available in a 256,000 sq. ft. warehouse, and providing a cap to the former brownfields site.


According to representatives from Frank Greek Development Co., approximately 35 union construction jobs will be established through the project’s construction, plus another 75 long-term jobs through the operation of the facility.


“ASA Apple is one of many businesses that has grown with Carteret,” Mayor Reiman stated. “and has become a part of our local history. We’re happy to see the continuing expansion of their business, and of course the additional tax ratables that will come with the completion of their new Roosevelt Avenue location. We’re especially glad to see the use of skilled union labor throughout its construction, along with the creation of long-term jobs within the facility itself.”


ASA Apple, Inc. is a public warehouse & intermodal transportation company operating in the Port of New York region. Formed in 1985, the company offers total logistics solutions, specializing in overseas traffic coordination and end-to-end process management. The company operates three facilities with a combined 975,000 square feet of warehouse space with immediate access to the major transportation arteries in the region. The company also provides a wide variety of port services, and transports a variety of products that includes beverages, foodstuffs, paper, textiles, plastics, chemicals, metals, and furniture and is fully licensed to store and transport alcoholic beverages.


“This is yet another great example of underused property being transformed to the benefit of our residents and business owners,” Councilwoman Susan Naples said. “We’re always pleased to see local businesses grow and expand with the Carteret community.”


Councilman and Redevelopment Agency Board Member Vinny Bellino added, “It’s good to see private sector job growth here, and the re-use of formerly abandoned brownfields. On behalf of the Carteret Redevelopment Agency, I congratulate ASA Apple and thank them for their contribution to the financial growth of our town and business community.”


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