Upgrades Complete at Carteret Park

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Daniel J. Reiman and Councilman Vinnie Bellino have announced that upgrades to the deck at Carteret Pond and walkway improvements throughout the park have been completed.  Tru Touch LLC of Clifton was awarded a $17,500 contract to replace the deck at the pond and S Brothers LLC was awarded a $10,000 contract to replace a portion of the asphalt walkway around the pond.

“We are happy to make the needed repairs to the deck and walkways to ensure Carteret Park, ensuring our continued compliance with ADA requirements, as the park serves as the focal point of our community and hosts many of our local programs, events and activities,” said Mayor Reiman.

The deck was reconstructed because of damage caused by hurricane Sandy.  The deck boards are a composite recycled material that was salvaged from Veterans Pier at Waterfront Park, which was also damaged by super storm sandy.  The Carteret pond was deepened in 2008 as part of $1.22 million project to rehab and improve upon the park.  The pond was dredged, increasing its volume by about 35% and the surface area increased approximately 3,000 square feet.

“Our parks are an important asset to Borough because they give all residents a place to interact and unwind,” said Mayor Reiman. “They also help build our identity as a community.”

The pond was dedicated to the late John Sitar in November of 2008, principle owner of the Carteret Shoprite shopping center and a philanthropist who was involved in the Carteret community for 75 years.

Pictures here

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