Verizon 47,000 sq. ft. expansion in Carteret near completion

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman has announced that Verizon’s multi-phase expansion of its West Carteret data center is near complete. The $15m project will provide an additional 47,000 square feet of data storage accommodations, and will precede an additional expansion to the west of the site.


The property is a part of Carteret’s Federal Boulevard Redevelopment District (#4), and has hosted warehouses for Hermann’s, The Wiz, and Worldcom, according to Borough officials. Verizon acquired the original 83,000 square foot structure and property from Worldcom Communications in 2006, a subsidiary of the near defunct MCI Worldcom.


A facility supervisor has stated that the facility currently hosts hundredsof thousands of terabytes of server storage. 6 megawatts of power are provided on-site – enough to provide power to 40,000 homes.


“Verizon has been a leap forward in our economic redevelopment,” Mayor Reiman stated, “and an impressive part of our commercial tax base. This is the kind of high-tech, low-polluting industry that towns can build mutually beneficial relationships with, and which can contribute to a wide range of local enhancements.”

Mayor Reiman added that, as a part of Verizon’s Redevelopment Agreement, APLA, union labor has been used for all plumbing, concrete, steel and iron work, while the facility itself has established Affirmative Action, Non-Discrimination, and Prevailing Wage jobs.

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