Fire Department Programs

First Responder
The Department operates the First Responder program as often as possible. All career fire fighters have First Responder, CPR and are fully trained in the use of Auto Defibrillator Units.
Most are now trained as EMT’s. All apparatus carries medical equipment for Trauma, Splinting, Burns as well as Backboards. Truck 5 and Engine 4 also carries additional equipment for Advanced Rescue and Vehicle Extrication.

File of Life
The File of Life program was started to assist those of us in the EMS community. The File of Life is a collection of information keep on a card, which is placed in a red packet and put on the refrigerator. Some of the information included with this card includes: Name, Address, Emergency Contact, Medical Condition, Medical History, Doctor, Medications Taken, Allergies and much more. In the event of an emergency these information cards would be available to the various responding agencies. At present these cards are targeted to the seniors and anyone else who has a medical condition as well as handicapped persons.

Morning Checkup Program
Every day the members of the career department calls a list of Elderly Residents to check on their welfare and if necessary will respond to their residence if needed. These residents become like family to us and we assist them any way we can and make sure their smoke and CO detectors are working at all times.

Fire Prevention
Throughout the year fire prevention is one of our greatest concerns. The Fire Official heads up this department and during Fire Prevention Week in October, he and the career firefighters visit the schools to speak on this very important subject. Children in grades Pre-K through 3rd grade are visited and taught Fire Safety. Along with a Safety Video the children are taught the importance of Smoke Detectors, Exit Drills, Stop Drop and Roll, Getting Out and Staying Out and if trapped inside, where to stay until rescued. Children of the 3rd grade are given a first hand experience with a tour of a Safety Trailer. This trailer designed like a house with several different rooms. The children tour each room and are taught the possible dangers in each. Their final experience is a smoke filled bedroom in which each child escapes down a safety ladder. In addition to visiting the children, each year a poster contest is held with prizes given for the best. All the First Place winners also received a special Ride to School in a Fire Truck.

Sparky the Fire Dog
The mascot of the department, Sparky performs for children throughout the year for all types of events. Sparky promotes fire safety and good will to all residents of Carteret. Sparky loves to entertain children and attend all borough parades.


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