Beloved Eatery To Reopen Borough Approves New Burger Express in Downtown Business District

Carteret, NJ – On Wednesday October 24th, the Carteret Planning Board approved plans to build a new Burger Express at the corner of Roosevelt and Washington Avenues. The restaurant, popular among locals since its opening in 1973, was closed last year when the New Jersey Turnpike Authority acquired the property through eminent domain to make way for the long awaited Interchange 12 upgrades. The $130 million turnpike capital project also calls the widening of Roosevelt Avenue and a range of streetscape amenities.

The approval came after the board reviewed plans that will raise 5 abandoned or underutilized properties. The new restaurant will feature 22 off street parking spaces, with substantial buffering and aesthetic landscaping around its perimeter, and enough seating for 96 patrons. The exterior façade will tie into the improvements being made along the Washington Avenue business corridor. New design features include an enhanced exhaust system as well as a refrigerated garbage disposal unit, both of which will mitigate cooking and waste odors for neighboring properties. It will also host a enhanced drive-through providing access for more cars than the previous restaurant.

Construction is expected to begin before the end of this year, with the restaurant reopening by Summer 2008.

“I was among the many residents who were disappointed to see Burger Express shut down,” Mayor Reiman has stated. “It has always been a valued and successful business, and a avid supporter of our local sports teams and charities. We are excited to see the finished project be approved by the Planning Board after so much time and effort has been invested in finding a suitable location. Burger Express’s new state-of-the-art design will help it continue its tradition of popularity and success and will contribute greatly to our efforts of reshaping the Washington / Roosevelt Avenue Business Districts.”

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