Charitable Grant Makes Hundreds of College Lectures Available at Carteret Library

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman recently announced that the Children’s Charity Trust Fund has donated over $5,000 worth of college lectures on DVD to the Carteret Library. The endowment is one of many the charitable organization has offered to expand educational resources in the Borough.

The Mayor’s Children’s Charity Trust Fund is a not-for-profit 501c3 charitable organization, established in 2003 to provide Carteret’s children with a monetary resource for education, athletics, and health. Since then, the Children’s Charity Trust Fund has raised over $150,000 towards scholarships, arts and culture, athletic programs, other charities, and a variety of programs and services that benefit local children. It is expected that the Trust Fund will have raised well over $200,000 for residents of all ages by 2008, owing to charitable donations and fundraisers.

Donated as a grant, the DVD collection represents thousands of hours worth of college lectures delivered by renowned professors and educators. The series has been produced by “The Teaching Company,” offering hundreds of lectures to suit a range of academic interests including history, economics, the arts, and the sciences.

These DVDs are now available for check-out at the free Carteret Public Library, and will be made available to educators and schools throughout Middlesex County.

“This product is innovative in making self education more accessible,” Mayor Reiman has stated. “Education shouldn’t just be about career skills, but enriching and empowering one’s self. This collection will bring high quality and intriguing lectures into the homes of our residents and neighbors, as well as our classrooms. In the tradition of the Children’s Charity Trust Fund, it is an appropriate donation that I’m sure will be a popular and valuable educational resource.”

The History of Ancient Egypt 4 DVDs
The Foundations of Western Civilization 4 DVDs
History of the United States 7 DVDs
Great Ideas of Philosophy 5 DVDs
Books That Have Made History 3 DVDs
A History of England from the Tudors to the Stuarts
4 DVDs
Economics 3 DVDs
The History of the English Language 3 DVDs
Lost Christianities 2 DVDs
Old Testament and New Testament 4 DVDs
Great World Religions 5 DVDs
Ancient Greek Civilization 2 DVDs
The History of Ancient Rome 4 DVDs
The American Civil War 4 DVDs
Story of Human Language 3 DVDs
Story of the Bible 2 DVDs
Early Middle Ages 2 DVDs
Italian Renaissance 3 DVDs
Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reasoning
2 DVDs
A History of Hitler’s Empire 1 DVD
From Jesus to Constantine 2 DVDs
Classical Mythology 2 DVDs
Great Battles of the Ancient World 2 DVDs
World War II 3 DVDs
Jesus and the Gospels 3 DVDs
World History 3 DVDs
Genius of Michelangelo 3 DVDs
Great Artists of the Italian Renaissance 3 DVDs
History of European Art 4 DVDs
Great Authors of the Western Literary Tradition
7 DVDs
How to Listen to and Understand Great Music
6 DVDs
Joy of Science 5 DVDs
Einstein’s Relativity 2 DVDs
Change and Motion: Calculus Made Clear 2 DVDs
Understanding the Human Body 4 DVDs
Understanding the Universe 8 DVDs
The Nature of Earth 3 DVDs
Chemistry 3 DVDs
Dutch Masters: The Age of Rembrandt 3 DVDs
Biology and Human Behavior 2 DVDs
Shakespeare: Comedies and Tragedies 3 DVDs
Undersatanding the Fundamentals of Music 2 DVDs
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