Carteret acquires 150 year old schoolhouse for historic preservation

Caretret, NJ – Mayor Daniel J. Reiman announced today that the Borough has acquired an historic residence that formerly served as a 19th Century schoolhouse, and will be holding it in trust until it can be restored as a historic landmark.


The property, at 1252 Roosevelt Avenue, has been a residence since the early 1900’s, according to Borough archives. In the 19th Century, this property hosted the “Rahway Neck” schoolhouse #3, part of school district #21. It was originally a part of Woodbridge township, as its borders were defined circa 1867.


Historical documentation indicates that the school had an enrollment of 32 in 1869, and that the Woodbridge township hired Carrie O. Jacques for its principal in 1894.


Duplicates of original photographs depict the building as a quaint single-room schoolhouse, whitewashed and featuring a cupola reminiscent of colonial-era schools.


The exact date of construction has not yet been determined, although estimates have been derived from town records. According to a 1962 assessment, the structure was roughly 115 years old at that time, estimating its original construction in 1847.


The former occupant’s family expressed her desire to sell the home in 2008, and their interest in preserving it as a historic landmark.


“Carteret has enjoyed a long rich history,” Mayor Reiman has stated. “Many of the heirlooms of our past still exist here, and we’ve gone to great lengths to unearth them and ensure their preservation for the education and enjoyment of future generations. We are especially grateful to the Carteret Redevelopment Agency for purchasing this unique and historic structure for the enrichment of our residents and visitors.”

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