Carteret to provide $100 sewer rebates to seniors, disabled, and veterans

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Daniel J. Reiman has announced that the Carteret Tax Office is now offering $100 sewer tax rebates to qualifying residents.


According to the Mayor, the “Sewer Rebate Program,” the only of its kind in New Jersey, was begun in 2004, and has since provided more than $300,000 in savings to Carteret seniors. Formerly directed at senior taxpayers, the Mayor announced last year that the program would be expanded to include the disabled, veterans, and spouses of deceased veterans, and that rebates would be doubled from last year’s $50.00.


The program was first established to offset the rising costs of living in urban New Jersey, according to Reiman.


Under this year’s program, senior citizens, veterans, and the disabled, who reside in owner occupied residences, are eligible to receive a rebate of $100.00 . Applicants must be:


· the legal owner and principle resident (owner occupied) of their Carteret residence as of January 1, 2009


·  65 or older on or before December 31, 2009


· or legally disabled (permanently and totally disabled) with an adjusted gross income under $30,000


· or a qualified veteran or spouse of a deceased veteran


· have their property taxes and sewer fees are paid to date


At a time of a global recession and a slowing economy,” Mayor Reiman stated, “this rebate program is an attempt to give something back to our seniors and veterans, many of whom are life long residents in Carteret.”


“If this savings for our seniors allows for the purchase of simple items like bread and milk, or even to cover the cost of a prescription or a doctor’s visit then it is well worth the expense.”


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