Carteret Awards Noe Street Drainage Project To Lucas Construction Group

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Daniel J Reiman was joined by Council President Vinnie Bellino and Councilman Jorge Diaz to announce the contract award of the Noe Street Area Drainage Improvement/Open Space Project. The construction phase of the project has been awarded to the Lucas Construction Group, from Morganville, NJ who bid $7,747,747.

The Noe Street project is designed to address and alleviate flooding in a 685 acre area at the center of town that has a relatively low elevation. The new drainage system remedies the effects of high tide on low lying areas and ensures our roads remain passable during 25-50 year events. The project calls for the replacement of older obsolete storm water lines with larger diameter & capacity lines, increases the number of collection basins in and around the area of study, creates a 1-acre storm water retention holding pond, provides for the placement of storm water outflow pipes to the Arthur Kill Waterway and a new gravity & flow outfall. As the piping is replaced the areas affected by the project will be completely repaved from curb to curb resulting in improved roadways.

By strategically using a collaboration of funding sources to place a 2-acre park in a lower elevation area of town, historically prone to flooding, we are minimizing flooding to commercial and residential structures in town. “The Noe Street project creatively uses Open Space to alleviate nuisance flooding all while enhancing our community with passive recreation” said Mayor Dan Reiman. The pond will feature a fountain, observation area and community walk- way with benches and decorative lighting for warmer and temperate months. During winter months, residents will be able to use an access ramp to the pond for ice skating and other winter activities.

This collection basin would serve as a wet pond in the new Noe Street passive recreation park. When the water reaches a certain height in the pond and holding chamber, a 30,000 gallon per minute pump would begin sending the excess water to a new outflow in Noe’s Creek and the Arthur Kill.

This project was conceptualized in response to periodic flooding occurring in the Noe Street study area. In 2012, the problem was exacerbated by Superstorm Sandy’s storm surge overwhelming the obsolete drainage system causing a fire that destroyed three homes and leveled an entire block. T&M Associates began conducting a drainage study on the Borough in the first half of 2013. The firm created a storm system model and presented recommendations to the Borough. The long process of applying for funding and permits from the state began in October of 2013. The project received final approval in February of 2016 from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. A preconstruction meeting is scheduled for June 1st as the remaining agreements with the contractors and sub-contractors are finalized. The Noe Street project should expect to break ground at the end of June and be completed in early 2018.

The Borough was awarded a grant of 1.04 million dollars in Green Acres Open Space Funding to acquire the properties for the required easements. Green Acres Funding is used for projects that promote recreation or conservation. The New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust (NJEIT) is providing $8.16 million in funding, of which 19% will be a grant with the remaining 81% being a low-interest loan.

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