Carteret Takes Action Against Underage Drinking! 7 Local Businesses Busted in Sting!

Carteret, NJ – The Borough of Carteret Alcoholic Beverage Control Board has charged 7 locations within Carteret to be in violation of selling or serving alcoholic beverages to a person under 21. Five businesses were found to be in violation including the Liquor Shop, Oliveiras Da Serra Steakhouse, Holiday Inn, Star Liquors, and Lucky Dublin Bar at Executive Suites Hotel. The additional businesses Wine Zone and Burger Express have yet to enter a plea to their local ABC charges.

An undercover police officer who was 20 at the time of the investigation was directed to all licensed locations within town to conduct an alcohol buy. His findings reported the above 7 mentioned businesses failed to properly ID and sold an alcoholic beverage to the undercover officer which violated local and state alcohol control laws.  A summons was issued in local municipal court against the bartender or sales clerk who failed to check age and identification, and additional administrative charges were leved against the liquor license holders.

A hearing was held on April 20, 2016 where the ABC Board heard arguments and evidence set forth by the businesses and their legal counsel. Four of the businesses plead guilty and the Lucky Dublin made no plea and was found guilty by the board. This was the first time offense for four of the businesses and the second offense for one of the businesses.  The penalty was cited as the suspension of their Plenary Retail Consumption Liquor License. Below lists the suspension periods for each entity:

– Liquor Shop (Retail Liquor Store) – 3 day suspension period served on a Wednesday for three consecutive weeks starting April 27, 2016.

– Oliveiras Da Serra – 5 day suspension period served on a Mondays starting April 25, 2016.

– Holiday Inn – 3 day suspension period served on September 3, 4, and 5 2016.

– Star Liquors – 3 day suspension period served on a Monday for three consecutive weeks starting May 2, 2016.

– Lucky Dublin Bar – 7 day suspension period served from May 22, 2016 to
May 28, 2016.

In addition to the suspension periods, all of the businesses will also have to prominently display a 24”x24” sign for public viewing during the period of the closures which will identify that the licensees and establishments are closed by the Order of the Borough of Carteret Alcohol Beverage Control Board for selling alcohol to a minor.

“Carteret will continue to monitor these and all other entities that serve and sell alcohol. The Carteret Police Department will continue to enforce all local and state ABC laws.  This is a quality of life issue that impacts all of society; as the underage consumption of alcohol is growing problem nationally.
Those that chose to sell to minors will have their licenses revoked!  The possession of an ABC license is a privilege not a right.” said Mayor Reiman, who chairs the local ABC Board.

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