Carteret Business Partnership Purchases Additional Street Sweepers

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman and the Carteret Business Partnership (CBP) have announced that the CBP has purchased four new litter vacuum vehicles. By procuring these major pieces of equipment, the CBP was able to negotiate a volume discount on the order saving a total of $16,800, costing $150,164.

The Carteret Business District Street Sweeping Program began in 2004. The Carteret Business Partnership provided grant funding for two Tennant ATLV 4300 vacuum vehicles that will be used for the cleaning of the Borough’s commercial corridors. The machines will operate approximately 60 hours per week.

The CBP is a private-sector non-profit organization established in 2003. Since then its Board of Directors, comprised of volunteers, has initiated a range of streetscape improvements, business startup programs, and emergency service equipment upgrades. The CBP operates as a District Management Corporation (DMC) comprised of local business leaders and investors, who fund improvements to Carteret’s business districts.

“We are fortunate to have such a strong and active business community,” Mayor Reiman stated, “that has shared ideas and strategies for improving Carteret, and the quality of our public services. I’m sure many of the local enhancements we will see this year will be owed in no small part to the Carteret Business Partnership, which has recognized the demands placed on these services in this fast-paced urban community, along with the kind of equipment needed to provide the best possible maintenance. This is a great example of progress achieved through the teamwork of the public and private sectors.”

“When it comes to community beautification,” Carteret Business Partnership Chairman Mark Hruska added, “we believe we’re all in it together. The addition of these maintenance vehicles to our fleet will allow us to continue in our efforts to keep our public areas inviting, for residents, businesses, and visitors.”

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