Carteret Fire Department expands car lockout service

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Reiman has joined with the Carteret Fire Department to announce the expansion of the Carteret Fire Department’s Car Lockout program, through which residents who are lock out of their cars may receive free assistance from any of the department’s on-staff firefighters.

The program was first implemented as a pilot program in 2008, prompted by the concern of local firefighters who had witnessed several instances of lockouts;

“Car owners may try to gain access on their own, which may or may not be successful and may damage the vehicle,” Chief Hruska stated, “or the owner might have a locksmith access the vehicle at a considerable cost.”

There were often cases reported in which young children or pets were locked inside a running vehicle, or a window had to be broken to gain entry.

Through a grant from the Carteret Business Partnership, Inc., the Fire Department acquired industry-standard tools that allow personnel to gain access to most motor vehicles, in most cases in a matter of minutes and without causing damage. All participating firefighters have been trained in the use of these tools.

“We are constantly trying to expand and improve the ways we offer our public services to residents,” Mayor Reiman said. “If we have a department that’s capable of performing an additional service that won’t conflict with their primary functions, and doesn’t cost additional dollars, it’s well worth it.”

“The inspiration for starting this program came about because of the interest and concern of one of our firefighters,” Fire Commissioner Randy Krum stated, “who had witnessed several incidents involving people being locked out of their personal vehicles and his observations of what limited options they had to gain access to them.”

“Our firefighters have received training and will now be able to provide fast and convenient service for this common occurrence, and at no cost to our residents” Mayor Reiman added.

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