Carteret accepts online payments for taxes

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman has joined with Finance Commissioner Jorge Diaz to announce that municipal taxes and other obligations may now be paid online through the Borough’s first Web Inquiry and Payment Portal (WIPP). The WIPP, provided by a governmental software developer, is a website for users to access their tax and/or utility account balance information online. Payments towards those balances can also be made online.

The WIPP is linked to the Borough’s website so participating users can access it from . They will then be able to search for their account by name, address, block and lot, account number, and make tax payments online by credit card or e-check. Payments are processed through  and a payment file is created and can be imported daily from Link2Gov’s secure site. The payments can be verified prior to updating.

“We are looking forwards when we improve our resident services,” Mayor Reiman said. “Software developers and corporations are finding more and more ways to get people ‘connected’ online, in many cases to services that have been provided for a long time. We are always looking for ways to modernize and streamline – to make these common services even more convenient for our residents, and to evolve with the latest technological trends.”

According to Borough officials, the online service may be similar to receiving payments from a bank file. The site is automatically updated with current account information and balances on a daily basis. 

Online services include:

  • Account Inquiry by Block/Lot, Owner & Property Location
  • Minimum 3 years tax history (shows all delinquent periods 3+)
  • 4 periods of utility billing info (including meter reads & usage)
  • Ability to inquire & pay municipal charges
  • Payment “rules” compliant with state statutes
  • Tax & utility records stored on one screen for convenient inquiry
  • Secured payments via Link2Gov (

“The level of convenience offered through this service is astounding,” Finance Chair and Councilman Jorge Diaz added. “We have so many residents who stay current and keep connected through information technology. I know many will take advantage of this latest innovation at our finance office.”

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