Carteret Holds ‘Ready to Work’ Training Sessions

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman was joined by members of the Carteret Business Partnership and Ready to Work New Jersey (RTWNJ), in announcing the Borough’s recent jobs recruitment assistance for residents of Carteret. The program provides free employment training sessions at the Thomas J. Deverin Community Center.

RTWNJ connects the long-term unemployed and underemployed who have marketable skills with employers who need those skills. The Borough offered free workshops to anyone having trouble with the online registration process. The workshops provided counseling, administrative help and other resources for job seekers. The Borough will further offer resume writing workshops, interviewing tips and career counseling to those currently unemployed.

“We are excited to connect local residents with the thousands of jobs that are becoming available in Carteret and the surrounding area,” said Mayor Reiman. “Through trainings like these, our residents will be the most marketable candidates.”

RTWNJ fliers were also translated into multiple languages such as Spanish and Urdu, in order to help residents enter the workforce. The Borough will help local residents fill numerous private job positions through its web page

Ready to Work, which is run by the New Jersey Community College Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development and funded by state and federal grants, has a long history of success stories in pairing qualified applicants with companies looking to hire.

The Community College Consortium funds up to 90% of the new employees’ gross wages for up to 26 weeks for a maximum of $10,000 to cover the costs of the training and employment to the employer. The program is funded through state and federal workforce development programs. The federal program primarily targets jobs in the following industry clusters:

  • Information Technology
  • Pharmaceuticals and life sciences; and
  • Advanced manufacturing industries

The NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development program targets jobs in the other industry clusters, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Transportation, Logistics and Distribution; and
  • Retail, Tourism and Hospitality

Recently FedEx, with operations in Carteret, has announced that it will hire five-hundred full-time and part-time employees at its Woodbridge facility and is offering Community Orientation Sessions at the Deverin Community Center/ Carteret Public Library on September 2nd, 9th, and 10th from 10am-1pm.

“Through smart-growth economic policies, Carteret has become a prime location for businesses of all sizes to expand,” Reiman continued. “This expansion leads to an increased number of jobs for local residents and a higher quality of life for our community at large.”

In addition to the mail-outs for RTWNJ, the Borough utilized variety of outreach techniques, including neighborhood canvassing and automated phone calls, to inform residents of the training being offered. More than 300 residents registered with RTWNJ by visiting the community center. RTWNJ will schedule specific training dates with said registrants via email and help match them with employment opportunities based on their skills and experiences. Individuals interested in registering with RTWNJ can still do so directly at

“This is just the beginning of many great companies and jobs relocating to Carteret,” added Reiman. “With what has already been constructed, approved, and scheduled to be built, Carteret-area employers will be adding thousands of local jobs.”

For current job openings in Carteret and its surrounding areas, visit


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