Mayor Announces Storm Sewer Inspections and Smoke Testing

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman joined with Councilman Dennis Dimascio, Public Works Committee Chair, to announce upcoming cleaning and television inspection services and smoke testing of sanitary sewer lines on the following streets:

  • Romanowski Street – (Linden Street to Whittier Street)
  • Whittier Street – (Romanowski Street to Maple Street)
  • Noe Street – (Maple Street to Pershing Avenue)
  • Blanchard Street – (Whittier Street to Cooke Avenue)
  • Longfellow Street – (Irving Street to Blanchard Street)
  • Whittier Street – (Romanowski Street to Blanchard Street)

Temporarily by plugging a segment of a sanitary sewer main and filling the pipeline with an odorless and non-toxic smoke in order to monitor where the smoke exits, the smoke can reveal the presence of any cross connections which can be eliminated to reduce system surcharging and save the Borough money in annual sewage transmission and disposal costs.

The improvements to our sanitary and storm water sewer system are a necessary part of our capital plan to upgrade our infrastructure throughout the borough” said Mayor Reiman.

The work includes about 4,100 linear feet of smoke testing to search for storm water cross connections and about 2,500 linear feet of televising for the additional roads that were added to the large drainage project, which was announced recently.

While these improvements may not be the flashiest or photogenic, they are vitally important,” added Councilman Dennis Dimascio. “Fiscally responsible investment into local infrastructure transcends officeholders and provides a foundation of success for future generations.”

Prior to the start of any work, local residents on affected streets will be notified. Borough officials expect the work to be done by the end of the month. It is requested that local residents be aware of cleaning activities, which will include workers and equipment within the roadways.

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