Carteret Plans for $1.75 Million Industrial Highway Capital Improvements

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman was joined by Middlesex County Freeholder Director David Crabiel, and Public Works Commissioner Iris Colon, to announce today that Middlesex County and the Borough have agreed to jointly fund improvements at the Roosevelt Avenue intersections along the Peter J. Sica Memorial Highway (Industrial Highway).

The agreement is the result of a study conducted in 2006 which determined that the intersections of Industrial Highway with both northern and southern Roosevelt Avenue experience excessive traffic volumes that warrant the installation of 4-way traffic signals. According to the study, the northern intersection, in the town’s Hill District, experiences traffic volumes of up to 740 vehicles per hour. The southern intersection, located by the town’s fire house, experiences volumes of up to 529 vehicles per hour as of 2006. The threshold established by the N.J. D.O.T. is 350 vehicles or more per hour.

Both intersections will receive new traffic signals, along with ADA curb cuts, crosswalks, signage, and other traffic controlling amenities. Total cost for the projects has been estimated between $750,000 and $1 million. The Borough will provide $250,000 from a Federal grant secured by Senator Menendez under TEA-21, with the Middlesex County Department of Engineering providing the balance for the intersections.

“Enhancing the infrastructure to ensure the safety of all who travel in our County is paramount,” Freeholder Director David Crabiel stated. “We also recognize that, by improving these roadways, we will continue to ensure the economic growth that is taking place not only in Carteret, but throughout the County of Middlesex.”

Upgrades will coincide with both public and private aesthetic improvements, including those to be made by Kinder Morgan, who will provide for $600,000 in enhancements along the portion of Industrial Avenue adjacent to their facility. This project will include new trees, a berm, and additional buffering.

“This thoroughfare represents the industrial gateway to Carteret” Mayor Reiman stated. “With the incredible amount of economic growth we’ve enjoyed, and the completion of the road’s extension to Woodbridge, Industrial Highway has become the lifeline of many industrial parks and commercial districts. As such, it has endured an increasing amount of wear and tear, and significant traffic volumes. We’re grateful that the Freeholder Board has seen fit to fund these greatly needed improvements, and join us in making Industrial Avenue safer.”

Truck traffic in Carteret is predominantly confined to Industrial Highway. Pending upgrades to these 2 key intersections would have no negative impact on residential areas, according to the Borough Engineering Department, but rather facilitate the manner in which Industrial Highway and Roosevelt Avenue are accessed.

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