Carteret to Receive $15 Million in Medwick Park Upgrades

Carteret, NJ – Last night Mayor Dan Reiman and the Borough Council were joined by representatives from Middlesex County for a public presentation regarding the future of Medwick Park. Freeholder Director David Crabiel and other County representatives joined the Mayor, to unveil plans to the Council and Carteret residents, which involve $15 million in county-funded upgrades to the Joseph Medwick Park in West Carteret.

In November of 2006, soil areas of Medwick Park were found to have elevated levels of metallic contamination. Middlesex County officials joined Excel Environmental Consulting and the N.J. D.E.P., to announce that even though traces lead and arsenic were relatively minimal, and within federal safety standards, the majority of the park would be closed as a precaution, pending N.J. D.E.P. remedial plan approval.

“Medwick Park is a valuable public asset that plays an important part in the lives of area residents, athletes, and visitors,” Mayor Reiman stated. “The Middlesex County Freeholders have refocused on Medwick Park’s assets, and we can look forward to a significant number of upgrades to its athletic facilities and recreational amenities that will coincide with the cleanup process. We are very pleased that our Freeholder Board has chosen to invest these enhancements, which will bring it in stride with many of our other state-of-the-art parks improvements, and reintroduce it as a public treasure for generations to enjoy.”

The majority of Medwick Park has remained closed since 2006, and preliminary investigations predicted then that a cleanup process would last 10 years or more.

Last night, county officials announced that they have coordinated a comprehensive cleaning project that will include major upgrades to the park’s athletic facilities. County Administrator John Pulomena unveiled the plan, with will be completed within a 3 year period, and which will add new fields including a football field, soccer field, multi-purpose field, and two baseball fields to the park’s resources. Other active and passive recreational resources, including the park’s playground, will receive enhancements and upgrades.

Pulomena added that the improvements will be made at no cost to Carteret residents, and that up to 75% of the County’s investment will be recuperated by the State D.E.P..

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